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Introducing the range of Scentsy warmers, wax melts, and diffusers – available to buy online direct from the Scentsy consultant shop.

Stock up on accessories such as light bulbs, pods, and bars. Our timeless Scentsy diffuser flowers bring complimentary fragrances, while washer whiffs keep your home clean.

Discover your favourite Scentsy buddy or find the perfect plug in. When you’re on the road, why not try a Scentsy car bar for that special scent as you travel.

Discover your favourite Scentsy fragrance today!

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Fill your home with warming fragrance

Candles bring joy and life to any home. Our wide range of candle warmers at Warming Candles feature wax warmers which allow you to heat scent to give your home a lovely fragrance. 

We offer ultra-fast shipping and delivery, along with a customer friendly returns and refund policy. Shop with us today for customer satisfaction guaranteed and a product that will make your home smell gorgeous and fragrant.